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ZØ’s new band captures her eclectic sound while exploring the emotional realms of R&B. Created to spread love and positivity through her ethereal vocals, her performance transcends the boundaries of time. ZØ Marie encourages her listeners to be the best version of themselves through the message of self-love.

ZØ Marie reminisces on her first memories of music. “My mother played classical music at bedtime to lull me to sleep. My father would hold me in his arms each morning, serenading me with the Temptations.” Those early memories and the realization that she loved singing and performing led ZØ Marie on her journey to record SOULMATE, her debut album. 


ZØ Marie co-wrote and co-produced all of the music on her first album, SOULMATE, a cohesive reflection of her generation's experiences and how she finds dating 20-somethings challenging. The demand for respect is right up front on SOULMATE while navigating this world of love and its various stages…the heartbreak, the I'm in love with you phase, and the co-dependency. ZØ grew up hearing soulful music from the stereo at home – The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, and Teena Marie. Evidence of ZØ's birthright into Soul shows on the lightly intoxicating first single, "Alright," a moody R&B guitar over a musically chill vibe that takes you back to simpler times. ZØ Marie's smooth, airy vocals ride a warm and groovy blues-drenched bass guitar while admitting to herself that she's "Alright" with being in love again.

When she played that original song for her dad, he cried. He was stunned that the daughter he named after his favorite artist, Teena Marie, seriously wanted a music career. ZØ Marie was raised in an Italian-American household and is the second oldest of four siblings. She believes in having a foundation, building great technique, and continually working on her craft. 


ZØ’s constant quest for artistic improvement began by perfecting dance, which she rehearsed four hours daily after school for fifteen years. Additionally, she has become more self-sufficient in the studio alongside Producer Johnny "BACEFACE" Ayoub, where they have co-produced five songs for ZØ’s album SOULMATE. 

ZØ’s songwriting abilities and vocal training have grown significantly while being vocally coached by the legendary R&B/Pop singer Jean Carn. Ms. Carn says of ZØ, "She is hardworking, a quick study, and has an acute harmonic sensibility." ZØ Marie has grown in her vocal training and as a person while working with Ms. Carn.


SOULMATE is a project that has been a long time in the making. ZØ Marie creates music because she wants the world to be a better place through her art and to inspire others to be their best version. Due to so much negativity in the world, she hopes her music can bring some joy. 

The recently graduated English major, from Columbia University in the City of New York, believes that in an industry where people are often insincere, her personality sets her apart as a genuine human whose word is solid. Ultimately, her Super Power is to spread love and positivity.

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